We’re making the power of Knowledge Graphs accessible for everyone.

We are the creators of wvr.io, we are Weaver Technologies. We’re making the power of Knowledge Graphs accessible for everyone, regardless of their programming skills. 

Our simple pricing plans are based on your actual use, starting with a Free plan that gets you on the fast track to delivering results.

Our beliefs

It’s all yours. You own your data, and that’s that.

We believe Knowledge Graphs are the best way to gain insights, manage, and use your data.

You shouldn’t need programming skills to work with your data and extract value from it.

Clarity. Once data is integrated into wvr.io, it’s clean. Every data point is seen in context, avoiding misunderstandings or confusion.


A star is born. We started off under the name Sysunite with the inception of a graph technology-based collaboration platform. The first use case had its origin in the Shipbuilding Industry. Later in 2013, the platform was utilized commercially as an Engineering Database in the AEC Industry.


Sysunite started developing a data integration platform based on Graph Technology. This became the first iteration of wvr.io, being used at the time as a Configuration Management Database (CMDB). This earlier version was used by contractors to exchange, validate, and manage data from a large variety of applications for complex projects. It put everything into one coherent data model, so it could be used for large infrastructure projects, such as bridges, highways, and tunnels.


The real potential of wvr.io had been demonstrated, and the growing demand for an intuitive platform for data-led decision making was clear. The scope of the platform widened to become a Knowledge Graph platform, enabling more businesses to extract value in a wider variety of sectors and use cases.

The mission became one of making Knowledge Graph Technology available for everyone, without the need for massive investments in new infrastructure. We wanted something that could convert traditional databases into graph databases, and something that could instantly make numerous changes to currently used business applications. But above all, we designed it so anyone could import, analyze and export data - without needing programming skills to do it.


wvr.io evolved into a fully-fledged SaaS platform. To achieve better recognition and more focused branding, the product and company names became aligned. Sysunite changed its name to Weaver Technologies, so the name of the company would better reflect the groundbreaking platform we are building.


The wvr.io platform made major improvements to usability. This year marks the launch of the self-service platform, which creates a minimal barrier to entry. This new update makes it even easier for companies to start using their data, and extract value from it.

Visually gorgeous and blazingly fast

We set out to design the most beautiful data experience ever made. We relentlessly refined every pixel and crafted every interaction to be fast, subtle and minimal.