Fly through your data, with intuitive knowledge graphs

We created the data platform to make the power of Knowledge Graphs as easy to use and accessible as possible. 

In addition to the intuitive visualization of your data, the platform provides numerous features for the flawless management of data at all scales.

Fly ThroughYour Data

The first rule of a brilliant data platform: it needs to be user-friendly. 

We’ve created a platform that’s not only incredibly capable and powerful, but also easy to operate.

You don’t need to be a programming wizard to start extracting value and insights from your data. turns complex interrelationships into visualizations that are easy to understand - without losing any of the detail. presents your data as an interconnected network, similar to how humans naturally perceive and handle complex information - making it easier to gain insights and make data-led decisions.

Visually Gorgeous, Blazingly Fast

We set out to design the most beautiful data experience ever made. We relentlessly refined every pixel and crafted every interaction to be fast, subtle, and minimal.

Built on Git-like Version Control

With so many potential sources of data, partners, and users, it’s essential to track changes over time.

Version control is not just a feature of, it’s the most fundamental building block. Committing, branching, merging, and diffs are all at your fingertips.

Machine LearningJust Two Clicks Away

The platform makes it possible to clean and merge data from multiple sources - and share it. 

Quality control is an integral feature, so machine learning algorithms can be fed with a diet of the cleanest, purest data, with a level of quality you can rely on.

In just minutes, you can train and apply supervised classification, regression and clustering learning models to your relations and attributes.

Editing MadeEasy

Want to make some edits? That’s easy.

Simply select and drag to connect multiple elements and open tables for spreadsheet-like editing or configure your own custom forms.

Our commitment to user-friendliness is obvious from the moment you start using the platform.

Import or IntegrateAnything

The platform is capable of importing and integrating data from any source, format, file or application.

In addition to supporting the standard XML, JSON, CSV, Excel, Turtle, and TriG formats, the platform can easily handle custom data files or integrations.

Powered byPostgres

Relationships are important.

The platform turns the most advanced open-source relational database into a powerful graph database.

You get the absolute best of both worlds including SQL, SPARQL, and GraphQL support, while gaining a new ability to see the relationships between data points as they truly are

See Your Data in a New Light

Data management doesn’t need to be hard work. The platform helps you easily clean, integrate, and structure every kind of data - so you can gain insights and share with stakeholders.

The platform is elegant and unique. You get the fastest, most beautiful data experience ever made - while creating a single destination and access-point for all your data.