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Make better data-led decisions. Turn your complex data into visual and intuitive representations that are easy to grasp.

Clean and harmonize your data with a single data model.

Integrate all data points and show connections between them.

Easily share data in a way that makes sense to all stakeholders.

It’s fast and simple, no coding required.

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The platform is unique. You can structure every kind of data, making it easy to gain insights and share with stakeholders. The platform is used for every level of data complexity or use case: from incredibly complex multinational organizations to single projects. Whatever you need to do with your data, has got you covered. 


Integrate data

Harmonize all your internal and external data. Import and integrate raw data from multiple sources, applications, and formats.

The platform enables you to create a common semantic model that cleans and unifies your complex data as it is added.


Knowledge graph

With, your data can be instantly viewed with a graph structure that makes sense.

Create custom ontologies that define entities, properties, and anything else - then see how all the pieces fit together.


Using your data

Your data is clean. With all data fully integrated into the RDF-based data model, it can be put to work. 

Now you can share your cleaned data and get meaningful results. Your data’s hidden power can finally be unleashed.

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White Papers

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Fly Through Your Data

Data management doesn’t need to be hard work. makes it simple to clean and integrate data. With everything cleaned and integrated into, you can easily share with other applications like Power BI. The nimble RDF-based ontology enables you to make meaningful, fact-based queries.

View your data in its raw form, or switch instantly to an interconnected knowledge graph. See connections as they really are, with an intuitive visual representation that makes sense for human minds.

Create a fully customized common semantic model based on your data. You can use multiple models if needed.

Integrate and harmonize data from any sources, internal or external. Easily share your data with people and software applications. Make collaboration simple.

Use Cases

The RDF-based structure enables the maximum flexibility for end-use, and allows multiple data models to be used. Integrating your data into ensures it is clean and easily shared with is designed for business, and it’s compatible with every industry and sector.

See how some of our customers are using to achieve better results in their industry.

Visually gorgeous and blazingly fast

We set out to design the most beautiful data experience ever made. We relentlessly refined every pixel and crafted every interaction to be fast, subtle and minimal.

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